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Cryo Mini

Zimmer Cryo Mini: Design


One Button Operation

Hands Free Operation

Soft Touch Glass Keypad

Noise Reducing Design

Cryo Mini: Innovation

Small Footprint

Warm Up Status Indicator

Easy Maintenance

Locking Castors

Functional Glass Shelf for
__Laser, IPL, or Accessories

mini Cryo 6

Zimmer Cryo Mini:  Quiet, Versatile, and Easy to Use

Select the desired program and press start. Clear and easy operation by sensor
touch glass keyboard.

The Cryo Mini is more quiet, yet more versatile. Featuring 9 fan speeds
(6 combining air flow level and treatment time, 3 user defined programs).
One (1) fan speed can be programmed as favorite.

Easy service and maintenance with indicators for defrost-cycle, filter cleaning,
and condensed water container. No consumables with the Zimmer Cryo Mini.

An integrated flat glass platform provides a large usable area for a laser, IPL,
or accessories. An optional articulating arm facilitates hands free operation.

The light weight application hose allows practitioners to effectively deliver chilled
air, -10C, to hard to reach treatment areas.

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